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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall walk at the Metro Parks

Look how beautiful I look amongst the leaves, I was so excited to be out on this wonderful day.
There was something in the trees, I just know it, but where is it. I can hear it and smell it......

What is it? A squirrel? That little thing is making all that noise, wow just crazy. Look at him go.

Here I am now posing by the crick bed, I love having my pictures taken especially on this bench, it is in such a nice place and so much going on around it I just sit and watch.

Now for a quick dip in the crick to get my paws wet and a nice drink of fresh water. But what's up a head...........what is that?

Looks like a very tall dog, but it does not come over and greet me, just stands perfectly still watching me. I got bored with it easily and headed on up the path.
What a wonderful walk, can not wait to go back again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yay for Grandma

My new zebra toy is the best ever. Grandma sent it to me on a recent visit with my mom.
Oh how wonderful it is, I love to bite down on the noise maker and suck on the squishy middle.
Yay for Grandma she spoils me so.

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