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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ice Cream!!!!!!

What could be better than vanilla ice cream? Nothing of course. What a special treat.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it taste so good, I love getting frosty desserts like this for no reason.
Brain freeze!!


Thor said...

Hi Mason!
I agree with you! Vanila ice crem is the best! Lucky you!

Love and licks

The Cog said... you ever notice how you almost blend into the carpet?

Ferndoggle said...

I love ice cream. Mom makes us homemade frosty paws in the summer!


simona e marco e i loro tesori preziosi...paco e milo said...

Hi Mason....We're Paco & Milo from Italy!!!
We have seen your blog....very beautiful and you're the best!!!Do you want to be our new friend???
We love ice cream and we would be with you to eat some ice cream with you!!!!
Love and licks!!!!
Paco & Milo

George said...

I love ice cream too!

Thor said...

Hi Mason!
How are you doing?
I missed you!

Love and licks

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