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Friday, December 26, 2008

Boy oh Boy What a Day!!!

My Christmas morning started out early. Mom and I headed to Grandma's house to surprise her with breakfast. It is a long car ride to Grandma's but it is sooo worth it.
Mmmmm, I just love all the different smells in the air. It may be 30 degrees outside but I will still stick my nose out for just a sec to get a whiff.

Aunt Mabel, it has been a while since we have seen her, she will be 9 years old this year. She is still beautiful and the gray makes her look distinguished. My two Aunts and I , this is as good as it gets when trying to get a pic of us. Just so much going on.
Awe. She pretends not to like me, but this pic proves otherwise.
Aunt Mavis and her new jacket from mom and me. She looks very warm and her Christmas bow was the finishing touch.
Grandma has the best yard to run and play in.
I am chasing Mabel, though I can not catch a Frisbee like she can, I can at least make it more challenging for her. He he.
Wow she can really catch some air with that Frisbee. This was so much fun. After visiting Grandma we headed up to Grandpap's house, which I have not been to for over 4 years.

Grandpap adopted a new friend. Duke. He is very handsome. We rough housed for a bit, I think he really liked my company.
Yeah, then he shared some of his treats with me. Look how tiny I am compared to him.
Ah, at last the long car ride home. I am so tired.Best Christmas Ever. Happy Holidays to everyone. I will be visiting soon, once I catch up on some well needed sleep.

And for the dog lovers in all of us, check out this sight....


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mason!
Sure you had a pawesome day!
Meeting your family and having yummy treats!
Kisses and hugs

Mogley G. Retriever said...

Merry Christmas. I am glad you had so much fun. It just proves that Christmas is for Golden's.

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Looks like you have a pawfect fun day ! & get some rest yeah , you look pretty worn out . haha .

Samantha: said...

Mason! What a busy and cool day you had! I can just smell those smells over the internet! Looks like you had so much fun! I di too!
Love and Licks, Samantha

Kelsey and Smokey said...

That looks like you had a great day!

I hope you have a Yappy New Year too!

Hugs and drool,


Thor said...

Hi Mason!
You sure had a wonderful Christmas with your family!
Take a good rest!


Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, sounds like you had a sooperb Christmas!

Solid Gold Dancer

The Cog said...

Wow! Even at nine years old Mabel is an awesome jumper! Wish I could have been there...:)

Momoko said...

Hi Mason!
Your active image is pleasant!


MabnMav said...

iT WAS GREAT HAVING YOU HERE FOR cHRISTMAS. Wish we could play together more often, then I could show you just how to catch a frisbee. Your Mom took wonderful pictures of us. Even little Mavis looked cute, of course. Do you have any plans for the New Year? Mine is to get Mom outside more to play frisbee. Love to you & your Mom. Come back for a visit soon. Love Mabel

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