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Friday, August 15, 2008

Picnic Food

So today the family decided to have a picnic, and oh the food how it smelled so good. From chicken kabobs and shrimp kabobs to salads and desserts.
I just could not resist it anymore. Mom went out for a second and no one was watching............. so I grabbed as many blueberry muffins from the counter as I could. I managed to get 3 before I was caught. Oh how they tasted so good and still warm from the oven. Boy did I get in trouble, but it was so worth it.


Cassie said...

What a naughty dog! But funny. We nicknamed our pooch (Baby Rocket Dog) "The Poacher" because of the same kind of antics. The food looked delish! Just stumbled on your blog. Nice.

Thor said...

Look at all that food! Who could resist?? I could have done the same thing! Mmmmmm!


George said...

Your not lieing! Those blueberry muffins were great.

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