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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ahh The SpaTreatment

Once a month I get to go to the spa and get groomed. It is such a wonderful day. I get to ride in the car and hang my head out the window and sniff all the wonderful things in the air. At the spa I get the royal treatment. A deep cleansing warm bath complete with a massage, my hair gets trimmed, my ears cleaned and the best part the brushing of the teeth. Oh how I love the feel of the bristles against my gum and the taste of the toothpaste is awesome. I am there for hours because I have to look perfect before I go home. Going to the spa is like going to Grandma's house I get to be a different dog for the day, I behave, but today for some reason my owner stayed to watch me. So I had to put on a show for her so that she would think I really did not want to be there. I pulled away from the groomer and slipped out of my collar, I WAS FREE, but she caught me. Then I jumped on each of the grooming tables to try and keep from going to the back. I made quite a show and I know my owner loved it, she was laughing so hard. Then she left and I just sat back and enjoyed my day at the spa.

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The Cog said...

Woof, woof.
Lovely before and afters of the paws!

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