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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Nemises Mabel

My Aunt Mabel................ what can I say..............? Our relationship is quite one sided. She thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread and she lets you know it. From the way she struts around, to her barking demands and showing off with the frisbee. I could catch a frisbee, I just choose not to she can have that trick I have many of my own. Her silky black knot free fur, whatever she sheds more than me. Ha Ha. I try to have a good time with her when I am home visiting Grandma but she wants nothing to do with me. So be it. I am there to visit Grandma anyway, and she loves me. I look up to Mabel, but only because I am some what afraid of her, not intimadated, just scared she could get me alone. Not that I think she would hurt me or anything, but I would definately come back a different dog. So my hats off to Mabel, my Aunt, my mentor, my nemises.


The Cog said...

Two amazing and wonderful dogs...with two very different personalities...I love them both and all their little interesting habits...and they are a hoot to watch interact with each other!

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