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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thunderstorms...... What are they?

Had a really bad storm today and I was left home alone to fend for myself. I really do not understand what is happening outside and it scares me. The loud booming and the bright flashes of light. What is happening? Does anyone really know? I hide in the bathroom with the door closed, not sure what else to do, but now the door is closed, how do I get out. Finally my owner comes home with that guy, we will call him Chris (a story for another day) and they say I have no reason to be scared. Like I am supposed to be like... oh ok what was I thinking I totally understand what is happening outside. Whatever. I just want protection. My owner tries to calm me down by petting me and giving me a treat, Chris tells me the thunder is going to get me I better hide. What is a dog to do.... Then it is over just as fast as it began, back to normal.


George said...

You don't need to fear thunderstorms. But those leaves are coming to get you.

The Cog said...

I had a terrible experience when I was a kid with a big thunder storm, so I can totally relate. To this day, if there are high winds during a storm, I can not rest.

AFI said...

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